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The Wavelength

Orange Cream Mocktail

What's better than a nostalgic recipe that takes you back to those carefree childhood summers? How about a nostalgic recipe with health benefits!

This Orange Cream Mocktail is everything you love about those creamy, citrusy Orange Creamsicles, but it's made with Blueshift Omegas and free of sugar and all the other junk. Perfect for a guilt-free mocktail hour!

The addition of Omegas in this refreshing mocktail is a great way to drink in some extra Omega 3's for whole-body health support. These essential fatty acids support everything from a healthy inflammatory response to a healthy immune system, balanced mood, and optimal brain function. We'll cheers to that!


  • 3 oz. Omegas pod
  • 3 oz. orange juice
  • 3 oz. healthy cream soda (we used Olipop in this recipe)


  • Pour Omegas pod into a 14 oz. of water and stir
  • Grab a glass and fill with ice
  • Add 3 oz. of the Omegas blend
  • Add orange juice and cream soda

Stir and enjoy!

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