Welcome to a New Whirl’d of Wellness

At Blueshift Nutrition, we believe in the power of shaking things up.

We know that everyone wants to take care of their health, but we also know it's just one of the many things on your ever-growing "to do" list. And it's hard. And unpleasant. At least it used to be…

With our pod-based drinkable supplements, we have revolutionized supplements, hydration, and self-care.

We infuse health into hydration with a wide range of supplement pods that provide targeted support and promote whole body health with plant-powered, science-backed formulations that are delicious from first sip to last (especially when you pair them with our auto-blending Wellness Bottle!). We've designed a tasty, easy, and enjoyable way to power your body and mind, and we're excited to share it with you.

The Blueshift Mission

We are blending nutrition and hydration for a wellness revolution. With better supplements and the flexibility to use them with a variety of bottles, we are making it easy and delicious to improve your health and wellness. We want to empower everyone to make a shift and feel the change.

The Power of the Pod

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The Why Behind the Water

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We are Committed to Quality and Sustainability

We are constantly striving to better support the health of our customers and the planet.

Here are a few of the ways we are committed to quality and sustainability in everything we do.

We strive to use the most bioavailable forms of all ingredients, so that your body can absorb and utilize them faster and easier. We use evidence-based dosing so that you get the benefits without paying for more than you need. And we partner with reputable companies to use clinically tested ingredients that are proven to deliver results.

Organic plants are healthier for you and for the soil they're grown in (4-5).* That's why we choose organic ingredients wherever possible.

We believe in the power of plants, which is why we complement our active ingredients with whole food sources. It's also why we opt for natural flavoring and never use artificial sweeteners.

The most effective way to reduce waste is to create less of it in the first place. We're proud that each of our pods uses less than half the plastic in just the caps of the water and beverage bottles we seek to replace.

We test all of our raw materials for purity, identity, heavy metals, pesticides, microbial and food safety. We also employ strategic testing procedures to ensure our inclusion levels match our labels, so you know you're getting what you paid for. Lastly, we test every formula we produce to ensure it's microbiologically safe for you.

Founding Story

Blueshift has been a passion project three years in the making and all of us here at Blueshift could not be more proud to be sharing our new approach to supplements with you today.

Hear from our Founder & CEO, Paal Gisholt

Meet Our Experts

At Blueshift, our decisions are guided by over 90 years of combined medical and scientific expertise. Our Scientific Advisory Board is led by experts in nutrition, biochemistry, functional and integrative medicine, pharmacology, exercise physiology, herbal medicine, and psychiatry. (And they have over 40 initials after their names to prove it!)

David M. Brady

ND, CCN, DACBN, IFMCP, FACN, Director and Professor Emeritus of Nutrition, Nutrition Institute, University of Bridgeport

Blueshift Scientific Advisory Board Chairman

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Jeffrey B. Blumberg

PhD, FASN, FACN, CNS-S, Professor Emeritus at Tufts University

Blueshift Scientific Advisory Board Member, Antioxidant Expert

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Harley Pasternak


Blueshift Scientific Advisory Board Member

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Uma Naidoo

MD, Psychiatrist, Director of Nutritional & Metabolic Psychiatry MGH

Blueshift Scientific Advisory Board Member

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