Truemed Partnership


Blueshift has partnered with Truemed to allow you to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This means you can buy your favorite Blueshift products with pre-tax dollars, resulting in net savings of 30-40%.

TrueMed was created for you to spend tax-advantaged dollars on products and services that can help treat or prevent medical conditions and Truemed is making it easy to do just that!

How It Works

If you are ordering a one time shipment: just add products to your cart, select Truemed as your payment option at checkout, enter your HSA or FSA debit card, and take a quick health survey to determine eligibility. The Truemed payment option determines eligibility and enables qualified customers to pay with their HSA/FSA funds in checkout. Once you're approved, that's it! You'll receive an order confirmation and effectively save 30-40% on your order!

If you are ordering a subscription: checkout with your credit card or PayPal, and look out for reimbursement instructions on the order confirmation page and in your order confirmation email.

More Details

Truemed is for patients for whom the selected product has been proven to prevent or reverse a condition you care about. A quick health survey will determine eligibility and take qualified patients to payment.

If you pay with your HSA/FSA card, there's no other work you need to do (we'll send paperwork to ensure compliance). If you pay with your personal credit card, we'll send reimbursement instructions.

Additional FAQs

How long does the approval process take?
The intake form is only a few questions. No live consultation with a doctor is required. If eligible, approval is instant. Truemed will then provide a Letter of Medical Necessity via email (this cane take 24-48 hours to arrive, but if you've paid with your HSA/FSA card, there's nothing additional you need to do!)

How many Letters of Medical Necessity do I need?
Each Letter of Medical Necessity can cover multiple products/purchases.

How long does the Letter of Medical Necessity last?
Each Letter is valid for 12 months before it needs to be renewed.

Tell me more about how reimbursement for subscription orders work?
You can purchase a new subscription the way you always have, and upon completing your new subscription order you'll be prompted to check eligibility (look for this on the order confirmation page or in your order confirmation email). Once you've completed the eligibility survey, Truemed provides documentation to submit with your reimbursement claim to your HSA/FSA provider. You can either submit claims individually or all at once at the end to the year.

If you have an existing subscription, you can access the eligibility survey here.