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A Welcome Letter from Our Founder


Blueshift Nutrition has been a passion project for three years in the making, and all of us here at Blueshift couldn’t be prouder to share our new approach to supplements with you today.  

Blueshift started as the solution to a problem I was having.  After losing three super-healthy friends to heart attacks way too early, I got serious about my own health.  I have five kids, and I don’t just want to be “around” for them – I want to be skiing with them deep into my 90s!

In addition to eating well and exercising, I knew supplements are especially important because of the nutrient gaps created by modern-day diets and lifestyles. I learned a lot about what makes a quality supplement from my experience building a leading equine supplement brand since many of the same ingredients are used. To be further proactive, I went to a longevity specialist, and he recommended an even more robust supplement program for me. But I really didn’t like how swallowing all those pills made me feel.   

Instead of feeling healthy and proactive, taking those pills made me feel old and unwell. 

I also became disenchanted with all the additives in pills – binding agents, flow agents, mold release agents, colorants, coatings, etc.  They had names I couldn’t pronounce, which felt counterproductive to my efforts to eat clean. At this time, I also began to dial into the power of phytonutrients in plants - think turmeric, polyphenols, resveratrol, beta-carotene.  Research on the benefits of these plants is exploding, but they seldom fit into a conventional pill.  

So I started experimenting with drinkable supplements, which have more room for plant-based active ingredients. But they had issues too. They were a pain to make, settled into sludge at the bottom of my cup, and tasted pretty rough. So I asked myself:  “What if we took a white piece of paper and redesigned supplements from the ground up, with no limiting assumptions.”  Could we make products that provide better results and feel more like a flow of healthy moments rather than a dreaded daily chore?  The result is the Blueshift Hydro-Nutrient System.  

We call it a better way to take better supplements.  

We start with the Blueshift pod, which holds 10X the active ingredients as a typical pill. This gives us room to include optimal doses of active ingredients for maximum effect – unlike most pills or gummies.  We also have space to use multiple active ingredients that affect different pathways in the body to target a problem from various angles to provide a more comprehensive solution to addressing a health goal. Our pods not only hold a lot of beneficial ingredients while using minimal plastic but also reduce plastic to less than half of the cap of a typical ready-to-drink beverage.     

Our Hydro-Nutrient System is quarterbacked by the beautifully designed Blueshift Wellness Bottle, making it convenient, easy, and enjoyable to have drinks ready to flow with your day.  The pod shifter on the top holds three pods and allows you to select any three of our wide range of drinkable supplements. Hitting the gym? Dial the Preworkout and go full send. Taking a flight? Dial the Electrolyte to arrive feeling fresh. Rough day? Skip the wine and shift to Calm.   

To make a drink, you simply pop the pod, and our powered blender gives a perfectly mixed drink.  Plus, our Lift-to-Blend feature keeps your drink perfectly blended from the first sip to the last. As a result, plant-based goodness like berries, mushrooms, greens, and pomegranates wind up in your tummy rather than the bottom of your glass.  

As everyone (including my mother) has told me during our development, “If people don’t love the taste, they will stop using it.”  (Thanks, Mom!)  As excited as I am about bottle technology and the power of the formulations, I think the taste might be the thing I’m proudest of.  We found an incredible flavor scientist who brought together both the art and science of natural flavors.  She pitched me on a radically new approach. Instead of using artificial flavors and sweeteners to cover up often bitter or earthy tastes of plant-rich ingredients, she uses plant-based flavors as a source of interest and complexity. She identifies the right flavors to pair with the active ingredients and ultimately creates craft-style beverages reminiscent of a delicious mocktail rather than a super sweet candy-flavored kids drink. The response to the flavors she has developed has been phenomenal. 

On behalf of all my colleagues at Blueshift, I’d like to thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession - your one body – that needs to last you a lifetime.  Our amazing team comes from a wide range of backgrounds—nutritionists, doctors, researchers, scientists, engineers, designers, marketers, techies, artists, mathematicians, inventors. But we share one thing in common: a deep appreciation for the trust it takes to let others into your self-care program.  We genuinely appreciate your faith in us and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Stay well,

Paal Gisholt

Founder and CEO

Blueshift Nutrition