The Wavelength

Carrot Citrus Spritz Mocktail

Brighten up your brunch and glow all day with this fresh and colorful Carrot Citrus Spritz mocktail. Perfect for an alcohol-free happy hour, too!

Not only is it a refreshing way to drink your veggies (hello, beta carotene!), but what really makes this drink one-of-a-kind is the addition of Blueshift Skin Defense Plus. While most cocktails are chock-full of skin-damaging sugar and alcohol, this healthy version contains powerful skin-loving nutrients to give you that golden hour glow all day long.

With every sparkling sip, Skin Defense Plus provides clinically-proven VERISOL® B Collagen Peptides to promote firmness and elasticity, hyaluronic acid for next-level hydration, and antioxidants for bright, even skin that's glowing from within. Drink up to glow up!

  • 3 oz. of Skin Defense Plus pod
  • 2 oz. of carrot juice
  • Splash of lemon sparkling water
  • Pour Skin Defense Plus pod into a 14 oz. of water and stir
  • Grab a glass and fill with ice
  • Add Skin Defense Plus blend, carrot juice, and top with lemon sparkling water
Stir and enjoy!