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Self-Care Tips for Fall

Colder weather, shorter days – from skin to sleep, Fall affects us all. Check out our top 3 self-care essentials for the fall season:

1. Hydrate & Moisturize 

All that summer sun, salty ocean water, and pooltime fun can leave your skin dry, depleted, and damaged. Now is the time to uplevel your skincare routine. Focus on deep hydration and powerful antioxidants to boost cellular repair and collagen production.

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2. Prioritize Sleep Hygiene 

Shorter days and the end of daylight savings (Nov 6) can disrupt your body's circadian rhythm (your internal clock). This can make it harder to wind down at night and mess up your sleep. Hello, brain fog and midday groggies. Luckily, you can support your sleep cycle through this transition: Aim for AM sunlight exposure to suppress melatonin (you only want that at night!). Avoid PM blue light (it wakes up your brain) and sip on nature's best calming botanicals to prep your body for sounder sleep.

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3. Supplement with Vitamin D

Shorter days and changing weather means a lot less sunshine. Maintaining healthy Vitamin D levels (the sunshine vitamin) can be a challenge. D is essential for bone, cardiovascular, and immune system health – not to mention a brighter mood! Besides eating fatty fish like wild salmon, taking a supplement is an excellent example of self-care.

Drink up to look and feel your best this fall!

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