Bottle Troubleshooting

Wellness Bottle is Leaking

  • Only fill the Mixer Cup to the 14 oz. line.  Filling over that may result in a bit of water being trapped above the seal and leaking out.
  • Make sure the Dispenser Head is firmly screwed onto the Mixer Cup to achieve a good seal.
  • Rinse the bottle thoroughly after each use to avoid any stickiness on the threads of the Mixer Cup and Dispenser Head that can compromise the seal when you screw the pieces together. Because our blends have whole-food ingredients, a sticky build-up can occur between drinks.
  • After washing the Dispenser Head and Mixer Cup, shake out the bottle parts to remove any trapped water. This helps avoid leaking when you take the first sip of your next drink. Once your bottle is reassembled, give it a quick tip over the sink to release potentially trapped water. 

Pods are Leaking in the Pod Shifter/Aren't Fully Emptying When I Make a Drink

  • This can result from pods being stored in the Pod Shifter for an extended time. We've redesigned the Pod Shifter and improved pod seals to address this issue and allow pods to be in the shifter for an extended period. All customers will receive the new Pod Shifter for free as soon as it's available. In the meantime, we recommend placing your pod in the shifter right before you make a drink.

Battery Not Charging

  • For best results, use the charging cable we provided and ensure it's fully plugged into the bottle's charging port and a working outlet. Note: Your bottle can also charge with a general USB-c charging cable, which are increasingly being used by many common devices and computers.
  • When charging, the bottle will display a flashing red light. If you don't see this when you plug in your charging cable, the bottle may be in Silent Mode. To turn off Silent Mode, firmly tap the center of the Pod Shifter twice (or the center of the power puck if it is not connected to the bottle). If you see a green light briefly, your bottle is no longer in Silent Mode.
  • If the bottle has been charging for more than 3 hours and is still flashing red, try connecting to the app to check the battery level.  The red light will continue to flash until your bottle is over 95% charged.  It is possible that your battery cannot exceed the 95% charge threshold but can hold enough charge to last for 2-3 days of regular use.

App Won't Connect to Bottle

  • First, confirm that your bottle is charged and operational. You can check this by shaking the bottle to initiate a full blend. If you see the light ring on the bottle light up blue and complete with a rainbow, you know your bottle is functioning optimally.
  • Next, confirm that your Blueshift app is up to date.
  • Next, confirm that Bluetooth is "On" by checking your phone's settings.
  • Next, go to your phone's settings to confirm that you have authorized the Blueshift Wellness Bottle app to use Bluetooth.
  • Finally, try reconnecting to your bottle. Within the app, tap the main menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap "Pair or Change Bottle". Then tap the "Change Bottle" button. You should see the bottle name (AQ Nutrition) displayed on that screen, and you can then tap the Bluetooth icon to the right. Once you tap that, you should get a message, "Your bottle is connected."
  • Click here to see our Blueshift App How-To video for more info.

Bottle Not Doing Full Blends

  • Before shaking the bottle to initiate a full blend, wait for Lift-to-Blend to complete. The full blend will not work while Lift-to-Blend is running.
  • Make sure you're shaking the bottle correctly to initiate a full blend. Shake vigorously 3x at the angle shown - similar to how a bartender shakes a cocktail mixer.
bottle shaking image
  • Click here to see our Blueshift Bottle Features How-To video for more info.

Bottle Going to Sleep – Won’t Blend at All

  • Try turning Silent Mode on and off.  This will often resolve the issue. Activate Silent Mode by firmly tapping the center of the Pod Shifter twice. A white light will flash to indicate Silent Mode is on. Deactivate Silent Mode by firmly tapping the center of the Pod Shifter twice. A green light will flash when Silent Mode is turned off. If your bottle is still not responsive, try initiating a full blend.
  • If the issue is not resolved, your battery may need to be charged. Charge your battery using the provided cord (or any other USB-c cord in good condition) until you see a flashing green light.
  • Click here to see our Blueshift Bottle Features How-To video for more info on full blend, silent mode, and more.

Mixer Not Spinning During Blend

  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting the Power Puck.
  • Residue may accumulate on the mixer blade if it's not rinsed thoroughly between drinks. When the bottle is empty, try to move the mixer blade by hand to ensure it spins easily. Running the bottle through the dishwasher can also help remove any built up residue.

Difficulty Opening the Bottle

  • Rinse the bottle thoroughly after each use to avoid stickiness on the Mixer Cup or Dispenser Head for easy opening and closing. Because our blends have whole-food ingredients, sticky build-up may occur between drinks.
  • Make sure the bottle's exterior is completely dry, as moisture can make it challenging to get a good grip.
  • Holding the Puncture Lever in the "down" position can provide additional leverage and make it easier to open as you twist the Dispenser Head off the Mixer Cup.
  • Remember: Righty tighty, lefty loosey. 

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