Get to Know Your Bottle

Get to Know Your Bottle

Our Wellness Bottle is the cornerstone of the world's first hydro-nutrient system. It delivers high-quality nutrition and hydration in delicious, flavor-packed beverages and is designed to effortlessly flow with your day.

How-To Videos

Our handy how-to videos will walk you through how to use your bottle and tips & tricks.

Bottle Overview

Read the steps

1. Fill with cold water
2. Load your Pods
3. Select your Pod
4. Pull Puncture Lever
5. Activate Blender
6. Enjoy!

Bottle Features

What we cover

1. Shake-to-Blend
2. Lift-to-Blend
3. Hydration Tracking
4. Silent Mode
5. Dishwasher Warning
6. Battery Status

How To Load Your Pods

Read the steps

1. Remove the Pod Shifter
2. Load up to three Pods
3. Turn counterclockwise to select your Pod
4. While pushing down, turn clockwise to lock into place

How To Make a Drink

Read the steps

1. Fill with 14 oz of cold water
2. Load your Pods
3. Select your Pod
4. Pull and release Lever to puncture
5. Activate blender
6. Drink mixes for 12 seconds
7. Rainbow lights indicate drink is ready

How To Clean Your Bottle

Read the steps

1. Disassemble your bottle
2. Scrub and rinse
3. Dry
4. Three components are top rack dishwasher safe
5. Do NOT put Power Puck in the dishwasher or submerge under water
6. Quick rinse between each Pod consumption

Get A'ppy

Get A'ppy

• Beta Version Now Available for Download
• Hydration Tracking & Goal Setting
• Personalize Your Settings
• Find Your Bottle Feature
• Keep Your Bottle Firmware Up-to-Date

App How-To

Read the steps

1. Download the app
2. Enable Bluetooth & notifications
3. Log in or create an account
4. Personalize your account
5. Connect your bottle
6. Visit the main menu for bottle settings and more
7. Tap the bottle to check your battery or use "Find My Bottle"
8. Track your hydration on the homescreen
9. You can also shop, view your hydration history, and edit your profile


Congrats, you are ready to feel the shift. Let's get you started: 

• Disassemble your Bottle

• Wash all parts, excluding the Power Puck

• Add 14oz of water to your Mixer Cup

• Place the Dispenser Head on top of your Mixer Cup

• Add up to 3 Pods to your Pod Shifter

• Rotate the Shifter counterclockwise until the desired Pod is aligned with the Puncture Lever

• Push down while rotating your Pod Shifter clockwise slightly until there is a click.

• Pull the Puncture Lever down

• Give the Bottle a quick shake to activate the Shake-to-Blend technology 

• Enjoy after a 12-second blend

Just download our app (beta version) and log in or create an account and profile (you can also skip these steps if you're in a hurry). The app will walk you through connecting your bottle, or on the main screen of the app, you can click on the bottle in the upper right corner and tap "Connect my bottle" at any time.

Absolutely. When you create an account on our website, you can use that login information with our app. If however, you haven't created an account on our website, you can download our app, create an account there, and use the same information to access your account on our website.

Our Bottle has no buttons and all functions are activated through simple actions and gestures, as described below.

Shake-to-Blend: activate a full blend with a quick top-to-bottom shake. The light ring will rotate blue as the drink mixes for 12 seconds, and celebrates with a rainbow when complete.

Lift-to-Blend: unlike any other bottle out there, our Wellness Bottle has Lift-to-Blend technology. Our Wellness Bottle senses when you are about to take a sip and makes sure every sip is freshly blended to ensure a clump-free drink that's good from first sip to last, every time. Just lift the Bottle from the table, and you initiate a 1.5 second quick blend, indicated by a rotating blue light.

Silent Mode: there may be times you don't want your Bottle flashing reminders or blending on pick up. For those times, we've created a Silent Mode. Entering Silent Mode, which pauses Lift-to-Blend and reminders, is activated by a double tap on top of your Bottle (like double-clicking a mouse). The Light Ring will briefly glow white to show you entered the Silent Mode. To exit the Silent Mode, simply double tap the Bottle. The light ring will briefly glow green.

Our Light Ring will display different colors with different motions and actions. Here is what the colors represent:

Rotating Blue Light: indicates that you've activated Shake-to-Blend or Lift-to-Blend Technology. Shake-to-Blend lasts 12 seconds to fully mix a new drink, and is followed by a rainbow ring when it's complete. Lift-to-Blend is a quick 1.5 seconds. Lift-to-Blend ensures that every sip you take is smooth and delicious.

Brief White Glow: means that you've activated Silent Mode by double tapping the top of the Bottle (like double-clicking a mouse).

Brief Green Glow: means that you've exited the Silent Mode by double tapping the top of the Bottle (like double-clicking a mouse).

Quick Blue Pulse: indicates that you haven't drank from your Bottle in 30 minutes. The pulse will repeat every 2 minutes until you lift the Bottle to drink.

Rainbow of Colors: this is our favorite - it means you've completed a full blend, or reached your daily hydration goal! Woohoo!

Quick Red Pulse: will appear if you leave your Power Puck attached to the Mixer Cup and place it upside down in the dishwasher. Please keep in mind that our Power Puck should never be submerged in water and is not dishwasher safe.

Repeating Red Glow: will remind you that your Bottle is running out of battery.

Green Light: indicates that your battery is charged.

You can find the fill line inside of our Mixer Cup and our Pods are optimized for 14oz of water.

There are multiple ways to charge your Wellness Bottle. You can use the included USB-c charging cable or any other USB-c cable you may have. In addition to that, the Wellness Bottle Charging Coaster is currently included as a free gift with your purchase of a Wellness Bottle. To use the charging coaster, simply keep the bottle on the cradle and you will always have a charged bottle.

With typical use, you can expect a battery life of 1-4 days, though this will vary depending on how much or how little you are using your bottle to make drinks. By keeping your bottle on the charging coaster, you never have to worry about charging!

The Blueshift Wellness Bottle has a tiny scale inside. Every time you take a sip and place your bottle on a flat surface it automatically calculates how much of the beverage has been consumed. If you haven't drank from your bottle in 30 minutes, a quick blue pulse will repeat every 2 minutes until you lift the bottle to drink. You can turn off and modify the frequency of your drink reminders in our app.

Our convenient (and free!) app calculates your daily hydration goal based on the information you provide us with. You can also calculate your own hydration goal using an online water calculator and modify your goal within our app. 

Our app will send you notifications to remind you to drink water and it will track your hydration progress on the main screen. If you get together with friends and family and you happen to not have your bottle with you, you can always record any additional drinks in our app afterwards.

Who doesn't love a great smoothie? We'll tell you who - the Blueshift Smart Bottle. Our bottle and motor have been optimized to perfectly mix the delicious, plant-powered powders for our pods, from first sip to last. We did not design the bottle to take ice or puree fruit for smoothies, which could damage the blending whisk.

The Blueshift Wellness Bottle has a whisper-quiet motor that is designed to discreetly and quickly blend your favorite beverages anywhere the day takes you. When blending, the bottle registers a level of sound roughly equivalent to the following: a mosquito flying, people whispering, or a quiet library. Blueshift Wellness Bottle users have said that the sound of the blender is quieter than the average coffee grinder or immersion blender.

You will be able to access our website through the app where you can log into your account and manage your subscription. Just click the shopping cart icon at the bottom of the app home screen, click on the top left hand corner, and then tap on Account Login.

For an optimal Blueshift experience, keep your bottle connected to your app at all times. This will allow you to locate your bottle should it go missing. To connect your bottle, simply open the app, click on the bottle image in the upper right hand corner and then tap the "Connect my bottle" button.

Once connected, click on "Find My Bottle" and tap the "Signal Again" button. The Light Ring on your bottle will go off and you will also see a map with an address that shows your bottle's location. If your bottle is no longer connected to the app, including if the bottle battery died and/or the Power Puck has been disconnected from the bottle, the location will be the last place your bottle had power and/or was connected to the Power Puck.

Absolutely. You can bring our bottle through TSA and at airports. Just make sure to empty the bottle before going through security.

Our bottle gets smarter with time, thanks to our ability to update the firmware through the app. In the future, we may add more features to your bottle to increase its ability to make it fun and easy to stay healthy and hydrated. Every so often, open the main menu of the app and click "Check for Updates" to see what's new.

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