Blueshift's Commitment to Sustainability

We are constantly striving to better support the health of our customers and the planet, including:

  • Opting for Organics — Organic plants are healthier for you* and for the soil they’re grown in.** That's why we choose organic ingredients wherever possible.
  • Reducing Plastic — The most effective way to reduce waste is to create less of it in the first place. We're proud that each of our pods uses less than half the plastic in just the caps of the water and beverage bottles we seek to replace.

    *Barański, M., Średnicka-Tober, D., Volakakis, N., Seal, C., Sanderson, R., Stewart, G., . . . Leifert, C. (2014). Higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations and lower incidence of pesticide residues in organically grown crops: A systematic literature review and meta-analyses. British Journal of Nutrition, 112(5), 794-811.
    **The Office of Communications. (2015). Healthy soils are the basis for healthy food production. [Fact Sheet]. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.