Blueshift Academy Resource Library - Xponential Convention '23

View or listen to each module below to learn how our Superblends fit into your business. After each module, successfully complete a brief quiz to earn Blueshift credits to put toward purchases of pods, Sidekick bottles, and more!*

Blueshift for Sports & Fitness

Module 1: Welcome to Blueshift!

    Module 2: Pre-Workout & Recover Post-Workout

      Module 3: Electrolytes, Essential Aminos, & Turmeric

      Additional Resources:

      Check out the product page of each Sports & Nutrition Superblend. Each page includes the complete ingredients and Supplement Facts Panel, research references, customer reviews, and more!

      Hear what founder Paal Gisholt has to say about our Pre-Workout Superblend: Watch or Listen Now.

      Check out KSM-66 Ashwagandha® published clinical studies here.

      Learn more about CuminUP60® here.

      The Wavelength:

      Check out our blog, The Wavelength, for the latest content related to health, nutrition, and wellness! 

      This month's featured blog explains how high-caffeine pre-workout supplements can sabotage your fitness goals, and what to do about it. Read it now.

      *The Blueshift Academy credit system may be changed, suspended or terminated at any time without notice.