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We've partnered with our friends at BlenderBottle®, widely regarded as the leader in shaker cups, to bring you this lightweight and portable design with the convenience of built in pod storage. The BlenderBall® stainless steel wire whisk delivers smooth drinks every time, while the interlocking storage container holds up to 6 pods and makes it easier than ever to enjoy your Blueshift superblends on the go. Includes FREE 8-Pod Sample Pack ($15 retail value).

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Yes! This is the easy, famous, and official BlenderBottle, known to provide smooth and delicious drinks every time.

Open your BlenderBottle and place the stainless-steel shaker ball inside the bottle. Next, add 14 oz of cold water, using the measuring tool on the bottle. After you have added your water, peel pod lid and pour contents of the pod into your bottle. Secure the bottle top and ensure the flip cap is fully closed, then shake your bottle for about 10 seconds and enjoy! For best results, shake intermittently to ensure ingredients don’t settle.

We are so glad you asked! The BlenderBottle's Pod Garage is a storage compartment at the bottom of the bottle. Simply unscrew the Pod Garage from the bottom of the bottle, insert up to 3 pods (we suggest upside down, so that the labels can be seen from the outside), and then re-attach to the bottom of the bottle.

The BlenderBottle offers the second-most water capacity of all our Blueshift Bottles. It holds 16 oz of water and weighs 8 oz, or 0.5 lbs.

Yes! You can absolutely put light ice in the BlenderBottle. Please, no hot beverages, though.

The BlenderBottle is dishwasher safe using the top-rack only. And, for best results, handwash with warm, soapy water after each use.

Our Favorites Sampler contents rotate every so often based on customer feedback and development of new great blends! Contact us here if you would like to learn more of what its current contents are.

California Residents: WARNING